Hanging Wardrobe Dehumidifier Bags Moisture Trap Crystals Pack of 3 Damp control




  • Genuine 151 Branded Product. Ideal For:- Ideal for use in damp areas such as closets, bookcases, cupboards, storage boxes, and under sinks. During the winter, when dampness is most common, they can also be used in boats and caravans.
  • Usage:- For getting rid of moisture, damp, condensation, and humidity in your closets, these hanging dehumidifiers are perfect. They do an excellent job of keeping your fabrics and clothing dry while protecting them from the distracting effects of mould and moisture. They don’t overly dry the air and won’t harm any plants, furniture, or other household items.
  • Advantage :- Depending on temperature and environment, hanging dehumidifier bags can last between 3 and 6 weeks. Absorbing and getting rid of extra moisture that can make fabrics feel damp and harm clothing and leather goods. Additionally, they eliminate the unpleasant, musty smell that moisture causes and fragrance products replace it with a pleasant, light scent. Good for Wardrobes, Clothes and Accessories, Bookcases, Small Rooms, Cupboards, Storage boxes and under sinks etc.
  • How To Use It :- Just open the wrap, and a desiccant package with a hook will be inside. The dehumidifier bag can simply be hung wherever you like. When the white granular completely disappears, at which point you must replace it with a new one, the white granular will absorb the moisture in the air and turn into water. These bags are a new version with better material quality and a hanger that is stronger and won’t break once they are filled with water.
  • Quantity :- 3 hanging wardrobe dehumidifier bags